Service Hours

Each Member is required to complete 48 Service Hours within the Program year.  The National deadline to input service hours is April 1st of the program year.  As such, the Chapter deadline to provide hours to the Vice Chairman of Membership is Sunday, March 26, 2017.   For those hours anticipated for April, chapter members may estimate and provide them as well.   



The Chapter is currently utilizing the tool – TRACK IT FORWARD – which is a web-based application to log service hours.


What is Track it Forward?

Track it Forward is a tool for volunteer, nonprofit, grassroots, and government organizations to track volunteer efforts. Volunteers log hours that can be transparently displayed to all other volunteers. Organizers have the ability to approve hours and create the reports they need to:

How to Start Track It Forward

Each Chapter Member must visit Track It Forward's website at

Click on the three green lines to the upper right of the Home Screen.  As you scroll down the page click on "Sign In" and type in your email address that you have provided the chapter for the Roster/Directory and Enter the Password "Metrodclinks7".  Once you have entered the site, scroll down to "Change Password" and enter a new password individualized for YOU only and memorialize it.  This will ensure that you will enter hours only for you as opposed to making changes to the site as a whole.  Only the Administrator,  VP OF MEMBERSHIP,  should be utilizing the Metrodclinks7 password to log in and out of the system.

How to Log Hours

Chapter Members click on log hours and input the number of hours they would like to log.  One may then utilize the drop down to select an activity or may input a new activity into the system.  A handout has been provided that gives members guidance on the type of activities and associated hours.  Inquiries can be forwarded to the VP of Membership.  Note that the Track It Forward system does not allow one to input hours in future months.  Since the deadline for submittal is March 26th, one may submit April hours under a March date.  The member should indicate in the "Notes" section that the hours are for April volunteer hours.

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